Tobias Drosdol, Thomas Schwarz, Martin Bauer, Matthias Großmann, Nicola Hönle, Daniela Nicklas
Dadam, Peter (Hrsg); Reichert, Manfred (Hrsg): Proceedings of INFORMATIK 2004 - the Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.(GI), pp.- 288-292 Ulm, Germany, September 20-24, 2004. Vol. 1
Publication year: 2004


The management of mobile objects like cars, persons, or workpieces in a factory is an important task in many context-aware environments. So far, most solutions can either cope with many small objects (few properties) or with a limited number of complex objects in a centralized way. In this paper, we face the challenge of managing a large number of bulky mobile objects (flying elephants). We state requirements, propose basic components, and discuss alternative architectures based on the main influencing factors like mobility and update rate.