Alexander Leonhardi, Martin Bauer
Proceedings of the Workshop on Infrastructure for Smart Devices, How to Make Ubiquity an Actuality, HUC2k, Bristol, Great Britain
Publication year: 2000

A lot of information is interesting in a local context, e.g. the bus schedule of the local bus station or the location and opening hours of the closest supermarket. Therefore, location-aware access to information and services is an important feature of applications for mobile and ubiquitous devices. Most existing location-aware systems have been designed for certain applications, for example office information systems or tourist guides. At the University of Stuttgart we have developed a system for location-aware information access that serves as a platform for different kinds of information systems. Its main objectives were the seamless integration with existing Internet mechanisms and protocols and the intention to make publishing location-aware information as easy as setting up a page on the World Wide Web.